Oct 26 2018

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The Breeding Experiment

It was the very history of the Arabian horse, that sparked an idea in Dr. Nagels mind: To close the genepool of his stud and to see, if the Arabian horse is indeed inbreeding resistant. 30 years later he has achieved his goal: His horses are highly inbred and homogene, and have that distinct “Nagel Look” by which they can be unmistakenly recognized.

Rarely have I met an Arabian horse breeder, who got involved with the scientific side of breeding as much as Dr. Hans Nagel. And so it was a pleasure to join the 50-years-celebration in Mid-July at his Katharinenhof Stud near Bremen – and to no regret! The day was filled with new scientific findings, deep insights into a world-known Straight Egyptian breeding program and – last but not least – beautiful horses.

Horses from El Zahraa

It all started 50 years ago, when Hans-Joachim Nagel visited El Zahraa Stud in Egypt. Together with Dr. Burgert, the director of Hungarian National Stud Bábolna, with whom he had business relations in the field of agriculture, he set up an Egyptian breeding program. Of the mares imported from Egypt to Bábolna, Dr. Nagel purchased Mahiba (Alaa El Din / Mouna) *1966, Hanan (Alaa El Din / Mona) *1967, and years later, Lutfeia (Alaa El Din / Bint Kamla) *1967 who became the foundation mares of Katharinenhof stud. He did not have any stallions of his own in the early years, therefore using the few Straight Egyptian sires that were around: Ghazal (by Nazeer), Mahomed (by Hadban Enzahi) and Madkour I (by Hadban Enzahi), until Mohafez (Ibn Moniet El Nefous / Aroufa) *1976 arrived from the US, and introduced some different blood through his Babson-bred dam.

Photo Gallery – Significant Stallions


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