Jan 09 2019

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“In the Amateur Cup, everything is about fun”

Interview with Lore Beckers –
winner of AJF Amateur Challenge – ‘Amateur Halter’

Arabian Horses IN THE FOCUS:
How long have you been around Arabian horses?
Lore Beckers: I have been involved with Arabian horses since I was born. My parents’ first own horses were a Partbred Arabian and an Anglo-Arabian. Later on, they started our stud farm VDB Arabians, so I actually grew up among these horses.
A. H.: What do like best when you are working with Arabian horses?
L. B.: The thing I like the most about these horses is their character, they really love working with you. When you come into the stables to take the halters and bandages, they give you that look of excitement. They also won’t let you down, no matter the circumstances, when you’re feeling sick, sad, stressed or even angry. They are always there for you to support you, and the feeling that you can always count on them is beyond words! For example, I’m always stressed when I enter the arena, but then they look at me with those big black eyes, and everything fades away, the only thing that really matters then, is the two of us.
Also, the fact that you can do everything with them is amazing. Arabians are the most versatile horses of all. They definitely aren’t those crazy horses, which are only good in snorting and being beautiful. From endurance to jumping, from western to dressage, they can do it all!
A. H.: How did you hear about the Aljassimya Challenge?
L. B.: The first time I came in contact with the AJF Challenge was at my first show, and also the first AJF Challenge show organized. It was the European Amateur Cup in Belgium. I actually wanted to start in the junior handler classes, but as I was one year too old to compete in those classes, I had to register for the ‘regular’ halter class with a gelding and with a part bred mare. I won the class with the gelding and was third in class with the part bred mare. It was an amazing feeling to be in that show ring, and to feel the connection with your horse that strong is just amazing! These horses would do everything for you. And as a cherry on the cake, on my very first show as the youngest competitor (13 years old), I was the second best handler of the whole show and I got a ticket from Aljassimya farm to go to the World Champion-
ships at the Salon du Cheval in Paris.
A. H.: What do you like most about the shows you started in?
L. B.: Definitely the atmosphere! In the Amateur Cup, everything is about fun, there is no pressure and everyone is helping one another.
A. H.: What does it mean for you to travel to Paris?
L. B.: The AJF Challenge is really a fun competition in a friendly atmosphere. But it still is a competition, and although I really love showing Arabian horses, this challenge really gives me that extra drive and push to compete.
By now, I really want to thank Sheikh Jassim Bin Khalifa Al Thani of Aljassimya farm, for this opportunity and I hope this challenge will keep on going for many more years to come!
A. H.: How do you get everything under one roof – school, horses, shows and all?
L. B.: To get your horses prepared for shows takes a lot of time and in my case all the spare time I have, but I do love it. Schoolwork is still my priority, as I want to become a veterinarian, but every single spare moment I have, you will find me in the stables to groom or to work with our horses. My parents support me in doing this and also my little sister helps me a bit at the shows by grooming the horses. Arabian horse shows are really a family matter, we all have ‘our duties’ to do and we all support each other!
A. H.: Thank you for sharing your impressions with us and good luck with your future starts at AJF Amateur Shows!

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