Apr 07 2019

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Monogramms influence in Poland

Born in the US, Monogramm came to Poland in the 1990ies, from where his offspring conquered the world. He died in January at the age of 34 – reason enough to have a look at the legacy he left in Poland.

Monogramm has changed Polish Arabian breeding, like no other stallion before him. Sure, there were Palas, Eukaliptus, Bandos – they all left a string of very important broodmares during their lifetime, but it was Monogramm who did all this and more in just a few years of stud service.
His pedigree is of Russian/Polish bloodlines, introducing Crabbet blood to Polish pedigrees, as well as a drop of French blood through the stallion Kann. Some say, with Monogramm the Polish State Studs abandoned “Old Polish breeding”, but on the other side, they re-introduced the valuable blood of Bask, which was lost in Poland. And it was no one less than Ignacy Jaworowski, who saw him in the US, where he was Scottsdale Top Ten Stallion and US Top Ten Stallion. His harmonious construction and great movements did not escape Jaworowski’s expert eye, and he quickly realized that he had to bring him to Poland. Getting permission was not easy, because the owners, the Bishop family, did not want to part with him, and what’s more, they did not even want to meet in this matter. Also involved was Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, back then horse inspector in the Horse Breeding Department at the Ministry of Agriculture. She, too, was thrilled by this young stallion – Monogramm was only three-years-old when she saw him. However, his expression, his fire, his movements left a deep impression on first sight, as only a few horses do. But also his pedigree was the answer for her quest: Bask in the sireline, and Mammona in the damline – two horses that Polish Arabian breeding had lost would return this way.

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