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… da waren’s nur noch vier!

ZSAA – Hengstleistungprüfung in Marbach Sieben Hengste sollten ursprünglich zur Hengstleistungsprüfung des ZSAA in Marbach antreten, einer fiel schon im Vorfeld aus, einer verletzte sich auf dem Transport und einer während der Prüfung – da waren’s nur noch vier. Von diesen aber war der Kleinste letztendlich der Größte: HAB Grand Couleur zeigte allen, was in …

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Selection of a Special Kind

Recently, I witnessed how a DC has actually applied and enforced the rules in the “Blue Book”. Much to the dismay of the affected exhibitors whose horses were disqualified because they did not show up on time in the collecting ring and thereby missed the common walk round in the main ring (see rule 23b …

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Kauber Platte 2016 – with Amateur-Cup!

International Amateur Cup at the Kauber Platte show On 6th and 7th August 2016, an international Amateur Cup will take place during the Kauber Platte Championships. This will give the “small breeders” and owners of Arabian horses the opportunity, to participate in the show with their horses and show them themselves, without being in competition …

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Über die Regenbogenbrücke – Normativ

And again, one of the performance stallions has left us by the rainbow bridge: The stallion Normativ (Mascat / Narta by Topol), born 1987 at the Russian State Stud Chrenovoje, peacefully died earlier this month. I saw him in 2003 at his last home, the Doubravsky Stud of Jürgen Schäfer in Czechia – what a …

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Thank You, Totilas!

There is currently a lot of turmoil and public outrage in dressage about the pictures seen of a “semi-lame” Totilas at the European Championship of dressage in Aachen. In addition, to make matters worse, there were “live” demonstrations of the infamous Rollkur by a representative of the Dutch team in the warm-up arena. Experts say …

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No. 3/2015 for subscribers

English articles include:Michalow – Where Champions are born (II)Hereditary Diseases – Knowledge creats safety Mystery Man” offers 1,4 Mio Euro for PepitaCommentary – Thank you, TotilasHeroes of History – Tajar “Hunyadi”Form and Function – Conformation assessment

Stallion Parade in Marbach

Whowever missed the stallion parade at Marbach on the last weekend, has another chance the following weekend: On 3rd and 4th October there are two more performances. Following are some impressions, captured by Oliver Seitz:

All Nations Cup – the Champions

The Champions of the All Nations Cup 2015:

European Championships for Sport Arabians

Last weekend, the European Championships für Sports Arabians took place in Janow Podlaski, for which 73 horses were entered. Ten nations participated, among them Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and for the first time ever Bielarus, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Eight Gold Medals were awarded, they went to: Zonyx (by Enzo) under Signe …

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European Championships Endruance 2015

This year’s FEI European Endurance Championships took place in Samorin (SVK) on 12th September and saw competitors from 20 nations. Jaume Punti Dachs (ESP) and the chestnut mare Ajayeb (Tidjani / Gharam by Dynamite III) snatched the lead at the final Vet Gate and headed out on the last 20km loop with just three seconds …

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