Puzzle – and win

And this is how it works:
The fastest way to complete the puzzle (300 pieces) will get a book about Tersk Stud, published for the stud’s 130th anniversary! It contains all current stallions and the most famous mares.
At the bottom left you see the finished picture (template). Time runs and can be seen in the middle. You can stop the timer, if you wish to interrupt your session. You can also view the puzzle in full screen mode at the bottom right for more convenient work.
When you have finished the puzzle, please take a screenshot and send it to arabische-pferde@in-the-focus.com, or put it in the comments on our Facebook post (www.facebook.com/gudrun.waiditschka) . Whoever demonstrably completes the puzzle fastest will receive the prize! The deadline for submissions is April 25th, 2020, 23:59 h (the judges’ decision is final)!