No. 2/2019 (Vol. 18)

Simeon Stud – Straight Egyptians of world Renown

Simeon Stud is Australia’s most famous stud for Straight Egyptians. Its breeding program had a major impact on Australia’s Arabian horse breeding. Reason enough for me to take a closer look at today’s breeding program and to remember my first visits here in 1988 and 1993. Nestled behind a huge hedge in Dural, only a …

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Syria – like a Phoenix from the Ashes

Who of the participants of the WAHO Conference 2007 in Syria does not fondly remember this country? In the following years, Syria had become one of my most preferred destinations in the Middle East – for its unique horse population, for its cultural heritage, but on top of all for its people. After eight years …

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Animals as Teacher

Almost every day we are bombarded with horror pictures and news that show tormented animals – also in the horse world, and yes, also in the world of the Arabian horse. There are the show horses, who fearfully fix their handler, not to miss the moment when he probably lowers the whip and they get …

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Trip to El Zahraa for the EAO Shows

The Egyptian State Stud El Zahraa invites everybody for the Egyptian National Championship, the 21st International Championship and ECAHO B-Show which will take place on 31st October to 3rd November 2019. There will not only the shows, but many other interesting activities around the Arabian horse, such as artists and art galleries, photographers and a …

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Helena Jody Byrne und Galahad

Junioren reiten Araber (V) Im Rahmen dieser Interview-Serie stellen wir Ihnen Kinder und Jugendliche und ihre Araber vor. Diesmal ist Helena Jody Byrne (13) aus Dänemark an der Reihe. Arabische Pferde: Hallo Helena, Du bist 13 Jahre alt, und reitest schon erfolgreich Turniere – wann hast du angefangen zu reiten?Helena Byrne: Ich fing an zu …

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Mitgliederversammlung des VZAP

Am 27. April fand in Bad Hersfeld die jährliche Mitgliederversammlung des VZAP statt, zu der 46 stimmberechtige Mitglieder anwesend bzw. vertreten waren. Der Präsident wies auf das 70-jährige Bestehen des Verbandes hin, der am 15. Februar 1949 mit Dr. Gustav Rau als Präsident und Dr. Ekkehard Frielinghaus als Generalsekretär gegründet wurde. Damals gab es 13 …

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English articles include:Syrien – like Phoenix from the AshesWAHO Stud Tour – Simeon StudHow did Bedouin Pedigrees look like?Bone Fatigue in Race and Endurance horses

Bajkal 1994 – 2019

Bajkal 1994 – 2019photo: G. Waidtischka He had proven himself in all branches of breeding and in sport, now Bajkal (Balaton / Rishah) died completely unexpectedly in June 2019. He achieved no less than four times at the Beständeschau a gold-premium prize, he was successful in endurance and under the Western saddle and was one …

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Kauber Platte Championships are cancelled

Much to the regret of the organisers, Toni Baumann and Reinhild Moritz, this year’s Kauber Platte Champioship, which was planned to take place on the 3rd-4th August unfortunately has been cancelled! The reason is an accident of Toni Baumann, who has broken his shin and is now unable to work for the next 6-8 weeks. …

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