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Neue Rubrik – Puzzeln Sie mit!

Wir haben eine neue Rubrik eingerichtet, in der wir Online-Puzzles mit schönen Motiven aus der Welt des Arabischen Pferdes anbieten. Sie können sogar etwas gewinnen!Die Tersker Stuten machen den Anfang – weitere Puzzles folgen bei Interesse. Folgen Sie einfach dem Link, um zu dem Puzzle zu gelangen!

Genetic Research – Speed and Endurance

In the last article in this series we looked at the domestication and emergence of the various horse breeds under new genetic findings. This second part will deal with various traits, such as the genetic basis for speed and endurance. Since the domestication of the horse until today, humans have created a large number of …

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In the Grip of the Crisis

Editorial Admittedly, the crisis does not come entirely unannounced, because pandemic scenarios have been around for a long time, and emergency plans are in the drawers of politicians. But the Corona crisis hit us citizens pretty cold. What environmental degradation and climate change have failed to do – rethinking in the population – is now …

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Ernestyna 1989 – 2020

The dam of the stallion Ekstern, the mare Ernestyna (Piechur / Erwina) * 1989 died on April 6th in her home stud Michalow / Poland. Even if her breeding performance in terms of numbers is rather low – she had only five foals – she has an entry in the history books with her first …

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ZSAA Körung 2020 abgesagt!

Nach den weiteren Verschärfungen der Ausgangsbeschränkungen aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie, mußte der ZSAA-Vorstand heute schweren Herzens die Körung am kommenden Wochenende absagen.Hengste, die die Zulassungsbedingungen vollständig erfüllt hatten, erhalten eine vorläufige Eintragung ins HB I, um eine Decksaison zu ermöglichen. Der ZSAA plant, die Körung alsbaldig nachholen – ob zentral oder als dezentrale kleinere Sammel-/Hofkörungen wird …

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ZSAA Körung 2020 – Keine Zuschauer zugelassen!

Der ZSAA gibt bekannt, dass zu der am 27.-29. März geplanten Körung keine Zuschauer zugelassen sind, um den Auflagen bzgl. Corona-Virus-Pandemie Rechnung zu tragen. Die Aussteller wurden entsprechend benachrichtigt und angehalten, pro Hengst nicht mehr als drei Begleitpersonen mitzubringen, damit die Personenzahl möglichst gering bleibt.IN THE FOCUS wird vor Ort sein, und darüber in Wort …

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Tee 1995 – 2020

The currently most famous mare in El Zahraa, Tee (Adl / Bint Ibtisam) is dead, she died at the age of 25. The “Queen of El Zahraa” was considered the personified beauty of an Arabian mare and also left nothing to be desired in terms of her pedigree. During my visit to the Egyptian State …

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Search for Traces on a Genetic Level

In recent years, the horse genome has been examined with new genetic analysis methods. The result was some new knowledge about the family tree of our horses, their domestication, the “grand sires” and “grand dams” of all domestic horses, the origin of the breeds and much more. The Eurasian Steppes, the area of domestication of …

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NK Hafid Jamil 1996 – 2020

NK Hafid Jamil (Ibn Nejdy / Helala) *1996 photo: Arlette Studer Breeders of Straight Egyptians mourn the stallion NK Hafid Jamil, who died at the age of 24. Born in 1996 in the stud of Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel, he represented for many the ideal of the “Egyptian”, in particular he embodied the “Nagel look” to …

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New method for pain sensitivity measurement in endurance horses

Dr Morgane Schambourg, DMV, MSc, Dipl. ACVS / ECVS, has carried out studies on the sensitivity to pain in the legs of endurance horses and developed a method of how this can be measured.The nociceptors (pain receptors) are responsible for the perception of pain. These are essentially free nerve endings of sensitive neurons in the …

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