No 1/2020 (Vol. 21)

Insight into El Zahraa

For many of us, El Zahraa is the cradle of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, and the history and achievements of this stud are known to all of us. Since 2011, however, not much information has leaked out of El Zahraa. With the help of Prof. Khalid Osman, the chairman of the EAO, we want …

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Change of perspective or “What I learned about Riding Horses at Arabian Horse Shows”

As an amateur with regards to Arabians, author Iris Wenzel has already gone to smaller breeding shows in Germany to get an impression of the scene. The highlight of her venture was undoubtedly the visit to the World Championships in Paris in December 2019. In the following article she gives an impression of this event …

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In Competition with the Anglo-Arabian

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the French government imported over 600 Arabian horses from the Middle East. But the purebred Arabian in France was always in competition with the Anglo-Arab – and had almost lost the battle. Since the Crusades, France has always had a privileged situation in Asia Minor and the Middle …

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Ja, wo reiten sie denn?

Nur weil man nichts von den Western-Arabern in Deutschland hört und sieht, heißt das nicht, dass es sie nicht gibt. Vielmehr “blühen” sie im Verborgenen. Wir haben etwas gegraben – und siehe da – es gibt in etwa gleich viel Vollblutaraber im Westernsport wie im klassischen FN-Sport! Leider ist der Westernsport nicht so recherchefreundlich organisiert …

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Die Besten ihrer Art

Auch wenn es nur ein “kleines Häufchen” an arabischen Sportpferden ist, die aktiv in Dressur, Springen und Vielseitigkeit unterwegs sind, so wollen wir doch wie jedes Jahr die Besten ihrer Art hervorheben und vorstellen. Und auch dieses Jahr haben die Vollblutaraber die Shagya-Araber und Anglo-Araber geschlagen! Zwanzig Volllbutaraber haben in der Turniersaison 2019 Ranglistenpunkte (RLP) …

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Genetic Research – Speed and Endurance

In the last article in this series we looked at the domestication and emergence of the various horse breeds under new genetic findings. This second part will deal with various traits, such as the genetic basis for speed and endurance. Since the domestication of the horse until today, humans have created a large number of …

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Gidran – The “Anglo-Arabian” from Hungary

The Gidran is the classical Anglo-Arabian of Hungary, and much admired for its characteristics, such as his suitability for jumping and eventing. It is also a rare breed, of which there are only a couple of hundred broodmares left. About a third of them live today at the Hungarian State Stud Mezöhegyes. The Gidran breed …

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Die begehrtesten Väter

Die Fohlengeburten gingen 2018 verglichen mit dem Vorjahr nur geringfügig zurück, aber dies ist noch lange keine Trendwende, zumal die Datenanalyse der Entwicklung immer zwei Jahre hinterherhinkt. Wie auch im letzten Jahr habe ich einen Blick auf den letzten Fohlenjahrgang und die daran beteiligten Väter geworfen. Da aber die Fohlen 2019 zum Zeitpunkt der Recherche …

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In the Grip of the Crisis

Editorial Admittedly, the crisis does not come entirely unannounced, because pandemic scenarios have been around for a long time, and emergency plans are in the drawers of politicians. But the Corona crisis hit us citizens pretty cold. What environmental degradation and climate change have failed to do – rethinking in the population – is now …

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English articles include:Insight into El Zahraa – Interview with Dr. Osman, EAOGidran – the Anglo-Arabian from HungaryGenetic research (II) – Speed and EnduranceArabian horse breeding in France – In Competition with the Anglo-ArabianChange of Perspective or “What I learned about riding horses at Arabian horse shows”