No. 4/2019 (Vol. 20)

Dunkle Wolken und ein Hoffnungsstrahl

Da veranstaltet der VZAP schon seit Jahren ein tolles Turnier im Dressurstadion in der Aachener Soers – und dennoch kommen immer weniger Vollblutaraber aus Deutschland an den Start. Eine Standortsbestimmung ist dringend nötig und Überlegungen, wie man den Turnierstart mit einem Vollblutaraber attraktiver machen könnte. Es kamen mit acht Vollblutarabern, sechs Shagya-Arabern und vier Anglo-Arabern …

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Search for Traces on a Genetic Level

In recent years, the horse genome has been examined with new genetic analysis methods. The result was some new knowledge about the family tree of our horses, their domestication, the “grand sires” and “grand dams” of all domestic horses, the origin of the breeds and much more. The Eurasian Steppes, the area of domestication of …

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Growing-up to be a Race Horse

In Russia, purebred Arabians are racing already as two-year-olds. This is seen very critical in Western Europe, although hardly anyone really knows much about it. We talked to Olga Birukova, breeding manager at Tersk Stud, about rearing, training and racing Arabian horses in Russia. Historical Background It was not before the end of the 19th …

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The last Bedouin Horses of Egypt

Since I am sincerely interested in the cultural and biological origin of the Arabian horse, I must not miss the opportunity to visit the Tahawi Bedouins in Egypt when the opportunity arose. And so I went with Yasser Ghanim Al-Tahawi to Al-Sharqiyah, a province in the East of Egypt, to meet his family, who lives …

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English articles include:Tahawy – the last Bedouin horses of EgyptTersk Stud – growing-up to be a race horseGenetic research (I) – Evolution and horse breedsIn Memoriam – Wolfgang Eberhardt, Jan CalisTriple Crown Shows – Who are the heroes of the show ring?Romania – The Shagya-Arabians of the Bukowina

Welt-Championat Paris 2019

Die Gold-, Silber- und Bronze-Champions 2019

In Memoriam – Jan Calis

In October, Jan told me that next year he wanted to show Lobeke at a show – he would be 72, Lobeke 28, together makes a whopping 100 years. It should not happen anymore. Jan Calis, “The Flyng Dutchman” died this morning. That’s how we knew the “Flying Dutchman”… Born in 1948, Jan grew up …

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In Memoriam – H. H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

HH. Sheik Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the second son of Sheikh Zayed, the founder of the United Arab Emirates, died on 18 November at the age of 64. The Sandhurst Military Academy graduate previously served as deputy prime minister, but then became the president’s representative, a post he held until his death.In Arabian horse …

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In Memoriam – Wolfgang Eberhardt

The news spreads like wildfire: Wolfgang Eberhardt died today surprisingly at the age of 71. Only a week ago, we spoke at the VHS and licensing in Alsfeld extensively with each other. And now there is only this void … A graduated engineer by profession and an expert for the reconstruction of traffic accidents, his …

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Spiegel der Zucht

Die diesjährige Verbandshengstschau und Körung des VZAP sah so wenige Kandidaten wie nie. Hatte man bei den letztjährigen zehn Hengsten schon von einem Tiefpunkt gesprochen, dann wurde dieser jetzt mit acht Hengsten (von neun gemeldeten) noch unterboten. Doch die Veranstaltung spiegelt nur die züchterischen Aktivitäten wider. Da in den letzten Jahren die Anzahl der geborenen …

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