No. 3/2015 (Vol. 3)

Knowledge ensures Safety

The Arabian horse does no more or less than other breeds suffer from genetic defects, but each breed has some specific hereditary diseases, which breeders should know in order to make a responsible breeding plan. In the following article Alban Krösbacher explains the major hereditary diseases in Arabian horses, and those which are predominantely found …

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… da waren’s nur noch vier!

ZSAA – Hengstleistungprüfung in Marbach Sieben Hengste sollten ursprünglich zur Hengstleistungsprüfung des ZSAA in Marbach antreten, einer fiel schon im Vorfeld aus, einer verletzte sich auf dem Transport und einer während der Prüfung – da waren’s nur noch vier. Von diesen aber war der Kleinste letztendlich der Größte: HAB Grand Couleur zeigte allen, was in …

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Thank You, Totilas!

There is currently a lot of turmoil and public outrage in dressage about the pictures seen of a “semi-lame” Totilas at the European Championship of dressage in Aachen. In addition, to make matters worse, there were “live” demonstrations of the infamous Rollkur by a representative of the Dutch team in the warm-up arena. Experts say …

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English articles include:Michalow – Where Champions are born (II)Hereditary Diseases – Knowledge creats safety Mystery Man” offers 1,4 Mio Euro for PepitaCommentary – Thank you, TotilasHeroes of History – Tajar “Hunyadi”Form and Function – Conformation assessment

Happy Birthday – CH El Brillo (*1985)

Early August, CH El Brillo (El Shaklan / AZH Basknaborra) celebrated his 30th birthday. It was a stroke of luck for La Movida Stud, when this El Shaklan son came into the stud in 1999. Ferdinand Huemer was actually looking for some El Shaklan daughters for his Ali Jamaal stallions, when he heard that Fritz …

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Swiss Mountain Cup – Ergebnisse

In Siwtzerland, the Swiss Mountain Cup with 57 competing horses took place on 27.-28. June at the beautiful riding center at Obergerlafingen (near Solothurn). Additionally, there was a small ridden show class with 5 riders. The show was characterized by good quality senior mares, the colts on the other side varied a lot in their …

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