Über die Regenbogenbrücke – Normativ

Normativ - 1141-28 - 600pxAnd again, one of the performance stallions has left us by the rainbow bridge: The stallion Normativ (Mascat / Narta by Topol), born 1987 at the Russian State Stud Chrenovoje, peacefully died earlier this month. I saw him in 2003 at his last home, the Doubravsky Stud of Jürgen Schäfer in Czechia – what a stallion, so full of power, when he ploughed through the deep snow! Every inch an Arabian, even though he had not much of a “dish” – but he was a recognized performance horse with seven years at the racetrack, 38 starts and 22 placings. At the stud’s own museum in Chrenovoje they had a display case dedicated to him, so much they valued him. Part of his racing career took place in England whereto he was sold in 1993, to the stud of Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum.
In 1999, he was leased to Sally and Jürgen Schäfer, one year later he was licensed by the VZAP and the then manager said about him: “He represents an almost ideal combination between beautiful Arabian type and nobility, expression and performance potential… For his movements he received the highest score in impulsion and elasticity, because of his energetic trot with long reaching and elastic steps, all with such suppleness, which he keeps even over long distances of trotting…”
In 2002, he was licensed by the Trakehner and Bavarian Warmblood breeds; he stood at stud at the State Stud Schwaiganger. In Trakehner breeding, he will live on in his daughters, he does not have any licensed son; in the Arabian studbook some 40 offspring are registered.
Normativ - 1141-19 - 600px