Elizabeth (Liz) Salmon passed away

Liz Salmon-220Yesterday, Liz Salmon lost her battle against cancer, a battle she fought for such a long time in the most admirable way. Although she lost this last fight, she won the hearts of many with her positive and encouraging attitude and she was an inspiration for many with a similar fate.
Born in England, she started riding at the age of five, and since horses never left her. Later, she became an instructor with the British Horse Society and manager of an Equestrian Center until she married Ronald Salmon of Fairfield Arabian Farm. In 1970 she became a halter and ridden judge for the British Arab Horse Society, later for other societies as well. She judged six times the British Nationals, but also in Australia, US and other countries all over the world. She wrote articles for various magazines in US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East and worked as international consultant worldwide, never tired of sharing her knowledge.
Many of us remember her from the World Championships, where she was a frequent visitor, always positive, always friendly, always smiling. Liz will be dearly missed not only by her family, her second husband Phil and her children Clare and William, but by all Arabian horse lovers around the globe.