Happy Birthday – Erik Erlandsson

Erik Erlandsson mit Aladdin, der 1978 Schwedischer National-Champion wurde.

Erik Erlandsson with Aladdin, the 1978 Swedish National Champion.

One of pioneers of Swedish Arabian horse breeding, Erik Erlandsson of Möllebackens Arabstuteri, celebrates his 88th birthday today – congratulations and all the best!
Erik Erlandsson was never without horses and his first Arabian mare moved into his stables in 1963. It was no less than Canaria, the dam of Celebes. The mare had 15 foals while still in Poland, but in Sweden, she did not get pregnant any more.
However, in the meantime, Erik Erlandson had studied the Arabian breed and in 1964, he went to Poland himself, to Canarias homelands, from where he bought four mares, three filly foals and the young colt Exesljor, then a yearling. Exesljor was later sold to the USA. Mollebackens Arabstuteri was at some time one of the biggest studs in Sweden, with up to 15 broodmares. When in 1972/73 Erik Erlandsson was given the chance to purchase some disused stallions of the Swiss National Circus Knie, Nureddin was among them. With whom, he bred the legendary Aladdin, born 1974, 1978 Swedish National Champion, who was also sold to the US, where he achieved the title of US National Champion.