Show & Sport combined

What makes the Arabes&Co event in Spain so unique? It is the combination of show and sport! And therefore the most prestigious trophy is the combined show & sport Arabes&Co Trophy. This year the trophy went to Flor de Lis’ Zankadilla, ridden by Alfonso de los Santos.


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The 22nd edition of Spain’s most important international show, the Arabes&Co, took place on 14th and 15th May at the Centro Ecuestre La Gerencia in Mioño, Cantabria, North of Spain. And one more time, the entries were over 100 horses, with 80 of them for the halter show, 55 for the sport competition and 21 who did both to try to win the prestigious Arabes&Co Trophy. The ECAHO-B show competitors came from France, Germany, Jordan, Qatar, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, while the sport horses all came from Spain.
The halter show started early on Saturday morning with the senior classes, as several of these horses also were to compete in the ridden classes that started the same afternoon. The sport competition started on Saturday afternoon, right when the halter show finished, with Dressage where Zankadilla (Fiolek / Urraka), bred & owned by Flor de Lis, ridden by Alfonso de los Santos, captured the first position and was the provisional leader of the combined ranking. In the afternoon the Steeple at the Brazomar Beach in nearby Castro-Urdiales brought no changes. It consists of a 1300 m long track with two turns and 2-3 obstacles. On Sunday morning, at the Cross-Country course, where obstacles of 1,00 h had to be cleared, Jacobo Torralbo and Urkiola (Pekos / Ghorak), bred & owned by Flor de Lis did slightly better than Zankadilla and de los Santos, but not enough to take over the first place. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, the show jumping – here the poles were at 1,05 m – didn’t modify the final results, as both teams had four faults, So finally, the XXII Arabes&Co 2016 Trophy went to Zankadilla with Alfonso de los Santos.

XXIII Arabes&Co 2017


For next year’s edition, the XXIII Arabes&Co 2017, plansa for major changes are made. The high quality level of both the halter show horses and the sport horses, makes the organisation more and more difficult. Therefore the organisers have taken the decision to come back to their original Arabes&Co purpose and to work for the promotion of the Arabian sport horses.
So, next year will maintain the actual combination with halter and sport, but the halter will be only for purebred Arabian sport horses that are to compete at the sport events as well. The show will be judged by ECAHO judges, several of whom know very well the athletic aptitudes of the Arabian horses.
Everyone knows the discrepancy between show and sport horses, and although both descend from the same origins, as we all know, today they seem to be worlds apart. The generous efforts done by the team at La Gerencia, lead by Almudena and Julian Vinuesa, for the Arabian sport horses, has been saluted all over Spain and Europe. After 22 years, the Arabes&Co is now definitely a grown-up adult, and must go his own way. A success it will be, no doubt!
Kristian Fenaux