Stallion of the Sun

Buch El ShamSome of you may know the book from childhood days: Franz Borns “Stallion of the Sun” is the story of no less than one of the foundation sires of the English Thoroughbred, the Godolphin Arabian. Whether everything took place exactly as described in Franz Borns history novel, we don’t know, but the book is full of historic events which may have taken place this way (or another).
It is the adventurous journey of the Arabian stallion “El Sham”, the stallion of the Sun, together with his groom, a boy named Agba, from Morocco to the court of Louis XV of France, and from there to England. A sultan, a king, a smith and a cafe house owner were the lords of them, before the stallion ended up in the ownership o f Frances Count Godolphin, where the stallion finally met his purpose, the breeding of race horses. The story is placed in the 18th century and gives a glimpse of the life during that time. But in the center of the plot are the adventures of Agba and his protege. Recommended as easy read in the evening.
The book was originally published in 1961, and now re-published by Olms-Verlag. In German language only.
Franz Born (1961, repr. 2016): “Hengst der Sonne”, Olms Presse, Hildesheim; 183 pages, 12 historic pictures., 19,80 € at the book store.