Judging the Shagya-Arabian

Dr. Walter Hecker gives us some introduction into judging the Shagya-Arabian, and tells us, what is most important.

1-Shagya-Logo-300px The ideal Shagya-Arabian
The ideal Shagya-Arabian is a noble, harmonious, naturally-balanced horse with rhythmic, elastic, elevated and ground-covering gaits which are easy to ride. It is important while judging a horse to keep this in mind and to take into account whether or not his conformation assists him to function in this way . A clean throat latch is a precondition for having light contact with the bit, as well as for maintaining the natural balance of the elegant, fluid movements. Another precondition is that the hindlegs can reach well under the center of gravity. The hindquarter is the horse’s motor, therefore it is important, that it is long, strong and well muscled. The topline transmits this power and impulsion to the forehand. It is important that this can happen without any loss of power.
Tajar, Purebred Arabian, stallion, 1801, Egypt.
The stallion was purchased by Baron Fechtig 1811 in Kairo at an auction. He belonged to a Mameluke Sheik who was murdered by Mohamed Ali. It was probably Latif-Bey who bought the stallion from the Stud of Murad-Bey in Ghizé, which was destroyed by Napoleon I.
He was bought by Count J. Hunyady of Kéthely for his Ürmény Stud. By 1826 Tajar had produced 206 foals of best quality. Tajar was put down at age 31 due to a lack of appetite. Tajar was the perfect horse of the XIXth century, but he was too long in the back and overbuilt (croupe-high) behind. Don’t confuse him with the “Tajars” from Weil.
2-Tajar Hunyady-300px
3-Shagya XXV-300px Shagya XXV, stallion, 1916 (Báb.) by Shagya XVII, 1903, out of 142 Koheilan III-7, 1912
A noble, square, deep, wide, well muscled stallion. Small head, dry, straight profile, big dark eyes, big nostrils, pointed ears. Fine throat latch. A medium well curved high set neck, well muscled withers. Good top line, a bit pointed, but with a well muscled sloping pelvis. Strong muscled sloping shoulder, long, well muscled upper arm, and free elbows. Long gaskins twice as long as the short cannons , pasterns a bit steep, healthy hoofs. Long forearm, well formed knees. The stallion is overbuilt behind, which makes it difficult to keep the natural balance. Otherwise an ideal representative of the Shagya sire line.

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