Happy Birthday – Monarch AH

Monarch AH - IMG_6689 (c) Waiditschka-600pxOn 5th March, Monarch AH (Wiking / Sasanka) celebrated his 30th birthday at his home at W’rsan Stables in Abu Dhabi.
Quite a big crowd of international guests gathered to celebrate him, surrounded by a group of his magnificent daughters and granddaughters.
But life has not always been so kind, as his dam died when he was only three weeks of age. But the little colt of “old Polish” lineage overcame the odds and became not only a champion racehorse who set three track records for his US-owner Magness Arabians, but also a champion sire and grandsire. He won 19 out of 23 races, of which 14 were Stakes races and was awarded 3 Darley Championships. In 1993, he retired to stud duties and soon after got second place in the US leading sire tables right behind his sire Wiking; six years later, he replaced him on first place and became Leading Sire. He was the first sire in US Arabian racing history, to have progeny winning over 1 Mio $ in a single season.
When Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan wanted to buy him, he was at first not for sale, and later, only if he would take all the 120 mares of the Magness herd, too! Sheikh Sultan did so, some 15 years ago, and since then Monarch AH enjoys his live at W’rsan Stables as senior stallion. His offspring are doing very well on the racetrack, but also as dressage horses: Al Khattar W’rsan is also known in Europe by his performances in Aachen, Janow Podlaski and Wiener Neustadt, always placed in the top ranks.
We wish Monarch many more years at his desert home, where he is cherished and loved by all around him, and rarely we see an old horse with eyes, so young and sparkling! -gw-