Over the Rainbowbridge – Neddor

Neddor galopp (c) privat-600px
With the Shagya Arabian stallion Neddor, the Lußberger family lost one of their best friends in mid-November. A friend and a sports comrade at many events, national and international, a hunting and leasure horse, a petting horse for the youngest or sometimes disguised as a hussar horse – in short, the stallion embodied what one would expect from a Shagya Arab: Rideability, hardness, beauty and a first class character.
From a breeders perspective, Neddor (Navarra / Nora) belonged to the Gazal strain. Through his dam he carried the rare Cargo blood. In 1993, he passed his stallion performance test in Marbach with grade 1 and went into breeding. The Lußberger family is grateful to him, that his charm and charisma often initiated the contact with other like-minded people, creating lasting friendships.