Riding Competition in Aachen


For the second time in a row, the purebred Arabian Haifi El Sorrento (by BS Specific) proved to be the best Arabian at the Aachen tournament. This year, he achieved four victories in five dressage competitions. Only in one, the L-Kuer, he was placed fourth, but nevertheless was best purebred Arabian. The “perpetual second” this year was BA Aram (by Amalfi) from Holland, with his young rider Kyle van der Hejden. The horse is very talented with elastic movements, and it will be interesting to follow their career. Twice on third place we find Cuba (by Arben) with Vera Dopper; both Dutch horses were predominantly Russian-bred.
It was good that all dressage competitions were split into classes for purebred and Shagya Arabians, and Anglo- and Partbred Arabians. Hopefully this will encourage more purebred Arabians to compete next year, because although the total number of starts increased by 70, the number of purebred Arabians is still on the decline.