Basic Training

Training of the Endurance Horse (IV)

The basic training aims at strengthening the “white parts” – bones, ligaments, joint capsules, and tendons – so that the horse is able to cope with the stress during any physical effort. This part of the training takes the longest.

Let’s remember that the aim of training a horse is essentially three-fold:
a) The basic training to increase the resistance to damage of all the supporting parts of the skeleton during the effort.
b) The body-building or power-training intends to increase the volume of muscles where quickly available and fast transformable fuel is being stored, allowing for more intensive anaerobic (peak) efforts.
c) The metabolic training increases the level at which we can work in a steady-state aerobic energy supply and the improvement of the excretion of any excess products, such as lactic acid during anaerobic peak-efforts and radiation of excessive heat produced at the same time (causing excessive sweating of flat-racing sprint horses). This is the quickest and shortest training stage, but the most delicate part of the training for an endurance horse.

Aim and proceedings


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