NK Hafid Jamil 1996 – 2020

NK Hafid Jamil (Ibn Nejdy / Helala) *1996
photo: Arlette Studer

Breeders of Straight Egyptians mourn the stallion NK Hafid Jamil, who died at the age of 24. Born in 1996 in the stud of Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel, he represented for many the ideal of the “Egyptian”, in particular he embodied the “Nagel look” to a special degree. And he also influenced breeding in a special way, since around 120 foals have been registered by him in Germany alone, internationally it is likely to be around twice that many.
NK Hafid Jamil has had a lasting influence on numerous studs and breeding programs, hardly anyone who could have escaped his charm, his “look”. His most famous son in Germany is probably DF Malik Jamil at the Birkhof stud of the Dirnhofer family, who in turn left over 100 foals in Germany before he was sold to Qatar in 2019. At the Katharinenhof stud of Dr. Nagel, NK Hafid Jamil’s sons NK Kamar El Dine and NK Nadeer are active, while Jamal El Din has been in Kuwait, where the blood of Katharinenhof breeding is very presentm and is presently standing in Holland.