Necessity is the mother of invention

The first Online-Tournament for Shagya Arabians

Just as a few committed Shagya friends founded the “Association for the Promotion of Shagya Arabians in Classic Equestrian Sports” earlier this year, the corona pandemic put an end to the urge to get active. Even before you could be invited to the first tournament for “Arabian Sport Horses in the North”, public events were over. But every crisis also offers an opportunity and so they looked for new ways and found them in cooperation with “Equi-League” in the invitation and implementation of an international “online tournament” from July 3 to 5, 2020. Without the pandemic, this experiment would have been certainly not yet on the agenda. Now the association is excited to see how the event will be received. If it will bring together the Shagya Arab riders from different countries, it would be a tailor-made start.
And this is how the “online tournament” is carried out: Riding is at home at a specified start time, but tournament outfit is mandatory for horse and rider. This brings you closer to the right tournament feeling. All exams have to be filmed with the smartphone and the videos then uploaded to “Equi-League”. Shagya Arabs can compete in dressage tests up to class M and in style jumping up to class L. Animal welfare are also taken into account in these tournaments. After each ride, the bit and the noseband are checked by video. Gaiters have to be removed and filmed from the inside. The saddle must also be removed from the horse and the horse filmed from all sides immediately after the ride. By filming the last 15 minutes of riding before the test, the behavior of the rider on the riding arena can be checked.
The jury of experienced judges then looks at the uploaded videos and directly gives a rating and their comments. The teams are then immediately sorted into the results list and the results can be followed live on Equi-Score, as in a normal tournament.
Shagya Arabians and their riders from all over the world are eligible to start. The entry fee is 20 euros per exam, of which 5 euros go to the association. For example, the money will go into the preparations for the “Arabian Sport Horses in the North” tournament, which has now been postponed to 2021. In addition to the Shagya Arabians, purebred Arabians, Arabians, Anglo-Arabians and Arabian Partbreds are to start in next year’s tournament in the classic disciplines in Schleswig-Holstein.
Now the club is excited to see how the event will be received and is pleased that the ZSAA and the ISG are spontaneously supporting the tournament. This was the only way that ribbons and sashes will be waiting for winners and placed riders.
If you want to know in advance how to paticipate in the online tournament, you can find 2 video tutorials on the Equi-League website that show the process of a jumping and dressage test. The “Shagya Arabian Equi Challenge” is part of a current test series.
The “Association for the Promotion of Shagya Arabians in Classic Tournament Sports” was founded in Aukrug in early 2020. It wants to bring the Shagya Arabian horse breed, which is over 200 years old, back into the focus of public attention and inspire amateur riders for the Shagya Arabian horse as a modern riding and sport horse. Above all, the club also wants to promote young riders with their Shagya Arabians and ensure that these horses can be seen on the tournament grounds again in the future. The tournament riders should also get to know Shagya Arabians through the club and be able to network better. This promotes the exchange among the riders of Shagya Arabians and encourages them to joint training or tournament visits.

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