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No. 3/2018 for subscribers

English articles include:50 years of Nagels Katharinenhof – The breeding experimentMalvern – The show of superlativesTraining of Endurance horses (IV) – Power trainingEuropean-Championships of Sports Arabians – Everybody gave his best

No. 2/2018 for subscribers

English articles include:30 years of Sax Arabians – “What I want to do, I want to do well”Aljassimya Amateur Challenge – Amateur judging system with a positive side effectNo sign of improvement in Desert EnduranceTraining of the Endurance horse IV – Basic trainingShagya – sireline and breed name

No. 1/2018 for subscribers

English articles include:Endurance in the cross fire – Interview with Ahmed Al SamarraieBasic principles of Endurance trainingShagya-Arabians – From the Orient to Europe Breeding principles for Shagya Arabians On inspection tour in the USAIn Memoriam – Lenita Perroy, Hansi Heck-Melnyk

No. 4/2017 for subscribers

English articles include:Stud Tour to the Northern CaucasusA complete horse is the breeding goal – Interview with Bernd ZimmermannBattle of the Giants – The Triple Crown ShowsFood for Thought – The Spirits that I called!Memories of – Nasr MareiEnergy supply during endurance ridingShagya-Araber – The Origin of the Breed

No. 3/2017 for subscribers

English articles include:A visit at Babolna StudScience – Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS)Training of the Endurance horse (I) – aerobic and anaerobic energy supply European Championships of Sports Arabians – To be there is everything

No. 2/2017 for subscribers

English articles include:A Window to the Present – WAHO Conference in BahrainDamlines in Russia (II) – PrikhotFeeding the endurance horse – From Pasture to PodestShagya-Araber – Assessing the Shagya-ArabianShagya-Araber – in Australia

No. 1/2017 for subscribers

English articles include:Royal Horses – 200 years of Weil-Marbach breedingThe Deserbred Arabians of BahrainDamlines of Russia – PrikhotFeeding the endurance horse – Basic needsEndurance at a Cross Road – The Misery in DubaiThe Bouthieb Initiative in Abu DhabiShagya-Araber – Assessing the Shagya ArabianHappy Birthday – Monarch AH und EldonObituary – Prof. Fritz Koenig

No. 4/2016 for subscribers

English articles include:The “Triple Crown” Shows of 2016 – “We are the Champions”What’s in a Pedigree? Feeding the Endurance horse – The Eye of the Master feeds the HorseHistory – Baron von Fechtig (II)World Endurance Championships -too fast…Shagya-Arabians – Gestüt SamarraShagya-Arabians – Inspection Tour USA

No. 3/2016 for subscribers

English articles include:Following the Footsteps of Mary’s LegacyConservation breeding – Dead end or Vision with Future?Auction of Shame – Auction at Janow PodlaskiHistory – Baron von Fechtig (I)Arabes&Co in Spain

No. 2/2016 for subscribers

English articles include:The Classic Russian Arabian (II)The Desertarabian in his Homeland (II)“Pride” or “Shame” – before the Auction in PolandA Future for traditional bloodlines – HARCRiding in the Land of the Bakhtiaris – Riding holidaysObituary- Erwin Escher, Irina Filsinger, Sigi Siller

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