Kauber Platte Championships are cancelled

Much to the regret of the organisers, Toni Baumann and Reinhild Moritz, this year’s Kauber Platte Champioship, which was planned to take place on the 3rd-4th August unfortunately has been cancelled! The reason is an accident of Toni Baumann, who has broken his shin and is now unable to work for the next 6-8 weeks. Thus, the preparation is not possible as usual, so that Toni and Reinhild have pulled the “ripcord”, and cancel the event. “We want to inform exhibitors as soon as possible so that they have the opportunity to relocate and visit another show,” says Toni. “The cancellation is a great pity, because many exhibitors, also from Belgium and Poland, have expressed their interest in coming. The trophies and ribbons and many other things are already done, but the preparations on the place can not be done with a plaster splint”, Toni regrets the decision. “However, we are looking forward to next year and hope that everyone will be back!”