“Pride of Poland” Auction in Jeopardy


Biruta was sold at the auktion in 2012 for 100.000 € – so far it is doubtful, if this year’s auction will take place.
Foto: G. Waiditschka / IN THE FOCUS

For more than a decade, Barbara Mazur’s company Polturf has been organising the prestigious “Pride of Poland” Auction at Janow Podlaski every August. Now she has explained in an interview with RMF24, that she has terminated the contract with Janow Podlaski and Michalow, due to a lack of co-operation with the existing boards of both studs. She further explained that they have not adhered to the terms written in the contract and broke a confidentiality clause. Furthermore, several customers of former years had already announced that they would not come to the auction, and part of the foreign sponsors have withdrawn their commitment.
The preparations are not going according to schedule, because for almost two months, the list of horses should have been published, but there is neither a list, nor online catalogue available with the horses’ pedigrees and breeding career.

29. April – The ANR (State Agricultural Property Agendy) announced today, that the auction will be organised by Janow Podlaski stud in co-operation with the Poznan International Fair (MTP) as planned on 15th August. Interestingly, the successor was found only two days after the contract with Polturf was cancelled; obviously there was no public Interessant daran ist, dass der Nachfolger nach nur zwei Tagen bereits feststand; so there was no public tender.