Er kam, sah und siegte!

English Summary

He was without any doubt the most successful horse at the Aachen riding competition: Haifi El Sorrento with rider Susanne Hoyler from Germany achieved 3 victories and 2 second places in 5 starts. He, who was scared by the click of a photo camera some years ago, has now become much more self-confident and won the M-Dressage in front of the Arabian Partbred stallion Saalefürst, ridden by Andreas Brandt. Third in this competition was Swedish FLM Verdi with Eva Palmaer in the saddle. It was their best result during this weekend, before, he was too tense to perform well.
All the way from the UAE came six horses of the W’Rsan Stables, among them their star, Al Khattar W’Rsan with Line Moen. A third place in the L-Dressage was their best achievement, and in L-Kür (Freestyle) Line and Bint Al Sahaara W’Rsan placed even better than Al Khattar. Both, Swedish FLM Verdi and UAE’s Al Khattar we had seen at the European Championships for Arabian Sport horses, where they achieved a fifth and third place, respectively.
From Germany, the Russian-bred MS Madrass with Susanne Giese participated again this year, and a third place in L-Dressage was their best result, just behind Tamon with Shannon Viuf from Denmark. Tove Roy, whom we also know from the European Championships, where she achieved a fourth place, was unlucky this weekend: A third and a fourth place was all they got this time.
Unfortunately, the total number of entries is declining for several years now, while proportionally the number of foreign starter is on the rise. It seems to be necessary to re-think the tests offered and the concept of the riding competition to keep up the level.