Merchant and Breeder – Baron von Fechtig (II)

One name pops up again and again, when it comes to the foundation horses of European Arabian horse breeding: Baron von Fechtig. But he did not only import horses, he maintained a stud over many years, where he bred “pure Arabian horses”. Unfortunately, hardly any horse of his breeding can be found in the pedigrees of today’s horses – except in Haflinger horses!

Of his imports, Baron von Fechtig kept some of the horses for breeding. However, he had to realize that his property at Kirchschlag was not suitable for Arabian horse breeding due to the hilly pasture and the wet climate, and it also became quite quickly too small. So, he decided to move his stud in 1825/26 to Lengyeltóti, about 12 km South of Fonyód at the lake of Balaton. Here, Baron von Fechtig leased a property from Count Anton von Inkey with huge pastures and soon after, his stud became bigger and bigger. It consisted of three parts, of the Arabian Stud, including the original imports and their purebred offspring, of the Hungarian riding horses and of carriage horses.
The Arabian stud consisted of 15 original Arabian (i.e. desertbred) mares and their purebred offspring by original Arabian stallions. Within just a couple of years the numbers rose to 70 to 80 horses, including the youngstock.
Of the year 1826-27, we have a report of the following stock list: four original Arabian stallions: El Bedavi, Hadban, Cohesuan, Obeyan; four self-bred stallions of original heritage: Samhan, Marssaud, Chebessian, Saklavy; 16 original Arabian mares: Fidavie, Zohée, Monakye, Harsa, Abeye, Saklavy, Melhaye, Obaye, Warde, Bedue, Koheyle, Wadue, Habibe, Hlatie, Hamdanie and six self-bred mares: Saklavy, Gidran, Monakye, Warde, Kohie, Zohée. Apart from these 29 horses known by name, there were about another 50 foals of all ages at the stud.

Foundation stallion El Bedavi


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