Prikhot – The Birth of a Legend

Russian Damlines – Rodania (I)

In this first part about the legendary mare Prikhot, Russian registrar Alexander Shemarykin introduces us to her ancestors, that came as foundation stock from England to Tersk stud.

If we talk about the development of racing families in the Arabian breed in general, breeders and owners of racehorses have said that the once strong maternal lines are being neglected these days. However, this is not quite true, and we would like to tell you about the unique stock, the development of which can now be very productive and competitive – this is the stock, or rather, the line (according to the theory of selection) of an unmatched record holder, the mare Prikhot’ (Russian for ‘Whim’).

A Bit of History

Bred by the Ruala tribe in Arabia in the midst of civil wars, mare Rodania is the founder of the line, who acquired the label ‘famous mare’ in the early years of her breeding use in Europe. The beginning of her life is reminiscent of a detective story. She spent the first 10 years of her life in possession of Sotamm Ibn Shaalan (Ruala tribe); later, in 1879, she was stolen by Sotamm’s cousin, Beneyeh Ibn Shaalan, only to be taken by Tais ibn Sharban (Gomussa tribe) in a raid two years later. The latter took the whole herd as a trophy, including Rodania. Eventually, in late April 1891, Anne Blunt and her husband and business partner Wilfrid Scawen brought Rodania to the Crabbet Park Stud in England.

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