The Legacy of Padrons Psyche

The pedigree of a show horse without his name is hardly thinkable: Padrons Psyche. In the early 1990s, he started his triumphal march around the world – and this in the truest sense of the word, as his blood is present on all continents.

When on 9th September last year, Padrons Psyche passed away, the world of Arabian horse lovers held their breath, because they were aware, that a legend had just left. But his legacy is living on, as he sired around 1300 foals while still alive – and thanks to frozen semen that may not be the end. His popularity as a sire was due to the fact that his offspring were extra-ordinary successful in the show ring – regardless if in first, second, third generation or even further back, the name of Padrons Psyche in the pedigree is almost a guarantee for show ring success.

The Ancestors

But where did his prepotency come from? Padrons Psyche was born 1988 by Padron out of Kilika. On his dam’s side, he tails back via Kilika – Kilifa to Kapelka (by Aswan). Kapelka was mated to the Aswan-son Kilimandscharo, which resulted in Kilifa, who was inbred to Aswan, back then responsible for adding “type”. Kilifa was exported to the US, where she was mated with the Russian Tamerlan, a stallion with less type, but very solid and – via his grandsire Pomeranets – with riding points. That’s how Padrons Psyches dam Kilika came into being.

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