Amateur Judging System with Positive Side Effects

For some years now, the Amateur classes have taken a footing in our neighbouring countries and start to evolve also in Germany. Emma Maxwell, an accomplished handler and trainer herself, explains the Amateur Judging System, which – as a positive side effect – may help to select the horse with the best disposition!

In 2014, a determined group of Belgians founded the “European Amateur Cup Show Organisation” (EACSO) to encourage Amateur Shows in Europe. EACSO’s board currently consists of founder members Rob Rens and Stijn Schyvens, plus Bart Beckers, Ilse Verbruggen and Ronny Vosch.
EACSO’s flagship spring show, the European Amateur Cup in Belgium, has now run for four consecutive years easily attracting over 100 entrants at the last three. In addition two other Belgian shows ran Amateur sections at their shows in 2015 using EACSO Rules and in the same year Sheikh Jassim Bin Khalifa Al Thani decided to sponsor these classes as part of his ambition to attract a new and youthful audience to the whole breed. Aljassimya Farm provided the Amateur shows with a sponsorship plus attractive special prizes for the top handlers and riders of the year – a visit to the Paris World Championships as guests of Aljassimya Farm, plus an entry to the California Prize Draw. The draw takes six people to California every year for a tour of the breeders in the Santa Ynez Valley plus a taste of the local attractions, from the ocean to the top of the mountains.

An Idea Spreads


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