Sires of Endurance horses in the UAE

Yamamah has analysed the sires of winners and placed horses at endurance rides in the 2018/2019 season in the UAE:

Azziz de Gargassan, top endurance sire
Pl. Stallion Pedigree Damline Starts (Wins – Top 5 – Top 10) Points (for Top 10 Placings)
1. Azziz de Gargassan Warandes Pascha / Durra Murana I 1808 38 (1-4-3) 582
2 Djin Lotois Arzew / Djebelia Cherifa 1869 30 (1-4-3) 575
3 Chip Chase Sadaqa Cherokee Mekka / Selala Rodania 1869 32 (2-2-4) 360
4 Kevisan Park Kentucky Blue Talawa / Arabesque Stardust Rodania 1869 19 (1-2-3) 357
5 Djebel Lotois Zulus / Scherazade du Lot Cherifa 1869 42 (1-2-2) 325
6 Simba du Barthas Djin Lotois / Agate Arca 1879 4 (0-1-2) 270
7 Arques Perspex Persik / Minze Rodania 1869 23 (0-2-2) 254
8 Persicko Persik / Alreda Roga El Beida 1882 65 (0-4-2) 249
9 Elphyn Comet Manfred / Jordanvale Aurora Rodania 1869 6 (2-0-0) 240
10 Castlebar Optic Straight Up / Shiramar Obsession Dahma 1876 4 (0-2-0) 231

The winner is interesting, Azziz de Gargassan. He has more than 500 offspring and is considered in France to be an “Elite stallion”. His dam is Durra, bred at the German State Stud Marbach (by Saher out of Hamdi). Hamdi is also the dam of Dahman (by Hadban Enzahi), another important sire of endurance horses (DRE****) in France. Dahman is the grandsire (on the dam’s side) of the second placed Djin Lotois. He has through his grandsire on his sire’s side also the blood of the Marbach-bred Masan (Hadban Enzahi / Molawa). He, in turn is the sire of the French Elite stallion Tauqui el Masan (out of Siria) (IRE****, DRE****). Apart from that, Djin Lotois has a son in this Top Ten from the UAE, called Simba du Barthas.

The third-placed Chip Chase Sadaqa bred in Australia, on the other hand, carries to 95.996% Crabbet blood. Also Kevisan Park Kentucky Blue, bred in Australia, is predominantly of Crabbet blood, apart from one fourth of Egyptian blood.

On place 7 and 8 follow two sons of Persik (Kankan / Pamiatka), born 1969 in Tersk, who is usually considered to be France’s Top endurance sire. Elphyn Comet carries predominantly Crabbet blood, and Castlebar Optics pedigree shows a colourful mix of Egyptian, Polish, Spanish – and a bit of Marbach blood. Again, here Hamdi has contributed through her daughter Damirah, exported to Australia.

It is interesting to note – even if not really surprising – that four (out of 10) horses have Marbach blood, three are of predominantly Crabbet lines, two carry Russian blood. All these bloodlines stand for riding ability, even though they may not be especially selected for endurance.