Sale of the Crown Jewels

A picture of happier times – Word Champion Mare Pinga in 2012

On 7th December, the “Winter Star Sale” auction will take place at the racetrack in Warsaw, with 58 horses on offer, including many horses from the state studs Michalow and Janow Podlaski. Although Michalow has always held a “Winter Sale”, where the “third-rate” horses were offered, the stars were always reserved for the Polish Prestige Auction in the summer, and the second-rated horses were offered via the Summer Sale.
The list of horses for this year’s Winter Sale, which also includes racehorses, will be offered via the Jockey Club in Warsaw, and has stirred quite some sensation in Poland, because real stars like Pinga and Palmeta, who are not supposed to leave the studs at all, are now “secretly, silently and quietly” for sale or lease this way. The suspicion is obvious that the buyers / tenants are already informed and the “deal” only needs to be done “officially” on the stage. Also, Adelita is back on the list, which was not sold at this year’s Polish Prestige Auction, as well as Bambina, Amarena, and Atacama – all horses from Janow Podlaski. As it became known that Janow Podlaski’s financial situation is not very well, it is not surprising that with Pinga and Palmeta now also the crown jewels are offered for sale.