Zagrobla 1994 – 2019

On December 8, the mare Zagrobla (Monogram / Zguba) died at the age of 25 years in her home-stud Michalow. She was one of the “legendary three,” Kwestura, Fallada, and Zagrobla, the three Monogramm daughters who won all the important championships for Michalow, bringing the fame of the stud to new heights.

In addition to countless titles as a junior Zagrobla was in 2000 All Nations Cup and World Champion Senior Mare, she was also twice European Reserve Champion Mare (2000 & 2007). During her lease to the United States, she won the titles US National Champion Mare (2003) and Scottsdale Reserve Champion. In 2018 she was awarded the WAHO Trophy for her extraordinary success in the show ring.

But she was not only successful in the show ring, but also in breeding, and founded her own dynasty. For example, her son Zigi Zan (by Padrons Psyche) *2005, who is based in Sweden, and her daughter Zigi Zana (by QR Marc) *2009, are to be mentioned here. Zigi Zani was Polish Junior National Champion and Senior Reserve Champion, in addition to her success as European Junior Reserve Champion. Zagroblas first foal, Zlota Orda (by Pesal) *1999 was used as broodmare in Michalow and brought the chief-sire Zlota Medal (by QR Marc) *2012.