Mosri Al Dahab with double stallion performance test

At the end of the 2019 tournament year, the purebred Arabian stallion Mosri Al Dahab (Dahab / Mosila) *2004 passed his second stallion performance test. Already in 2011 he completed the performance test in endurance riding under his then rider Katharina Dorn. In 2016 he participated in the stallion licensing and left the course in Alsfeld as the winner. Now he has passed his second stallion performance test, this time in Dressage under daughter Emma Dorn. For this, at least five placements were needed on 1st-3rd place in class L dressage tests. With a 1st place in the L dressage in Wiener Neustadt, a 3rd place in Donaueschingen and a 2nd place in Königsfeld, the two have demonstrated a continuous performance throughout 2019. There were also placements from 2018. This result is all the more remarkable since Emma and Moritz (aka Mosri Al Dahab) are only two years apart in terms of age.
For the sport stallion test, which is recognized as an performance test for stallions, a purebred Arabian stallions must have 5 placements at 1.-3. Place in dressage tests in class L and / or 5 placements 1-3. Place in jumping competitions of class L and / or 3 placements on 1st-3rd in class L eventing tests.
For the endurace performance test, two one-day rides of medium length (61-80 km) in the seventh year of life and three one-day rides of long distance (from 81 km) in the eighth to ninth year of life must be completed withiin the evaluation.