Precarious situation of the Polish State Studs

As reported by the online edition of “Business Insider Polska” on 3.2., the financial situation of the state stud farms in Poland is becoming increasingly difficult. The Janow Podlaski Stud currently has a deficit of PLN 3.2 million (approx. € 750,000), Michalow a PLN 1.2 million (approx. € 280,000). In total, the 14 Polish state studs generated a deficit of PLN 12.2 million (€ 2.8 million) last year. Nine out of 14 of these stud farms ended 2018 with a negative result. The data for 2019 are not yet available. The stud farms had a total of 2193 horses at the end of 2018. In 2017 the stud farms generated a total revenue of 5.8 million zlotys.

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Foto: G. Waiditschka / IN THE FOCUS

Only one of the stud farms could survive with horse breeding alone. The farms stay afloat through dairy farming, cattle breeding and agriculture. Janow Podlaski is particularly affected by the lack of income from horse sales. The annual auctions in August achieved record earnings until director Marek Trela ​​was dismissed – in 2015 alone this was € 4 million. He had to leave the stud farm at the beginning of 2016, at that time there were around 3.5 million zlotys in the stud accounts – despite a considerable drought that reduced agricultural income. In 2016, the proceeds of € 1.2 million from the auction resulted in a positive annual balance of 810,000 Zloty (approx. € 190,000). Due to various events at the auction and the associated loss of trust, the auction in 2017 brought in less than half a million euros, in 2018 only 260,000 euros. 2019 could look better for Janow Podlaski, since at least € 1.4 million were earned in August.
It is not yet certain whether the sales of the “winter sale auction” will be finalized, as Marek Szewczyk writes in his blog “HypoLogika”. A Saudi stud that has bought three horses has sent a letter of approximately the following content: apologizing for the delay, but confirming the decision to buy the three mares Adelita, Amarena and Bambina, and the transaction will soon be completed. The winter auction took place on December 7, 2019.