Said 1999 – 2020

At the age of 21, the chief sire Said (Pamir I / Sadana) of Marbach State Stud had to step off the stage of life – internal melanomas were increasingly bothering him.
He belongs to the Bairaktar sire line via the Polish branch, and tails back to Murana I on the maternal side. The main and state stud Marbach is the only stud with stallions of this line combination in Europe. After the death of Dschehim in 2016 and now of Said, the winner of the VZAP licensing 2019, WM Devdas (by Dschehim), is the only representative of this line in Marbach and one of the few world-
wide. Unfortunately, Said was hardly used in breeding, although he, too, had an above-average stallion performance test with 106 points and was licensed for other breeds.