Commentary on Polish Situation

As a teenager, I had a favourite book: Erika Schiele’s “The Arab Horse in Europe” in which she described the history of Arabian horse breeding in each European country. Great emphasis was put on the state studs and one could locate them on a map. “If only I could go there once in my life”, …

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Commentary on the European Championships 2015

Icomprehensible! Just imagine the following: There is the two-year-old Morion, who got not only the highest score in his respective classes at the All Nations Cup, the European and World Championships, but the highest score of all Junior Males. Human understanding would expect at least, that he would come home with three medals. But far …

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Selection of a Special Kind

Recently, I witnessed how a DC has actually applied and enforced the rules in the “Blue Book”. Much to the dismay of the affected exhibitors whose horses were disqualified because they did not show up on time in the collecting ring and thereby missed the common walk round in the main ring (see rule 23b …

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Thank You, Totilas!

There is currently a lot of turmoil and public outrage in dressage about the pictures seen of a “semi-lame” Totilas at the European Championship of dressage in Aachen. In addition, to make matters worse, there were “live” demonstrations of the infamous Rollkur by a representative of the Dutch team in the warm-up arena. Experts say …

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The Game is Up!

Actually, you should read a report on the 13th ARABICA in Frankfurt in this place – but the show was cancelled due to a lack of entries. One may speculate about the reasons for that. In her Interview, Deirdre Hyde gives an excellent summary of the development of racing under the influence of the Middle …

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Beduinen-Traditionen und ihre Bedeutung heute

An der WAHO Konferenz 2014 in Doha, Qatar, hielt Cynthia Culbertson einen Vortrag über Beduinen-Traditionen und Pferdezucht. Sie untersuchte, wie die Beduinen ihre Pferde behandelt und versorgt haben, nachgewiesen durch Textzitate in vorislamischen Gedichten. Die Autorin verweist auf die Beduinen-Tradition, ein arabisches Pferd nicht durch Schläge sondern nur durch Gesten und Worte zu trainieren und …

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