European Championships for Sport Arabians

After a break of seven years, the European Championships for Sports Arabians has returned to Austria.
GFH Sonar Seganges - IMG_8327 (c) Waiditschka-600px
From 10th to 13th August 2017, the competition arena of WTC Schulz at Wiener Neustadt will host a “Mega-Sport-Event” for purebred Arabians.
The ECAHO European Championships are open to all ECAHO Member countries. Apart from these competitions, the Lower Austrian championships, as well as the Austrian Championship will take place at the same time and place, run according to the rules of the OEPS (National Equestrian Federation of Austria).
There will be a huge selection of disciplines, such as the classic ones, Dressage (from L to Prix St Georges) and Show Jumping (up to 120 cm). In Western, Reining and Trail are offered from beginners to open. The very popular Pleasure competitions will be offered again, featering Ladies Side Saddle, Mounted Native Costume, Classic and Hunter Pleasure, all following the rules of ECAHO and OEPS.
Riders and horses from 10 nations or more are expected. The event will be joined by guests from Abu Dhabi and maybe Qatar and Oman.
The schedule, entry form, show jumping and trail patterns can be downloaded from the website:
The European Championship is organised since the year 2002 and was so far hosted in Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland.