The Royal Jubilee with Emperial Weather

On a sunny weekend in May, the State Stud Marbach celebrated “200-years of Weil-Marbach Arabian breeding” in honour of the founder of the Royal Stud of Weil, King Wilhelm I. Marbach is home of the oldest dam and sire lines in Arabian horse breeding, i.e. those of Murana I and Bairaktar, which originated in the Syrian desert and were imported by King Wilhelm in 1816 and 1817. From then on, these lines were bred on, making this nucleus of “Weil-Marbach Arabians” a cultural heritage that needs to be preserved.
The Kings ideology was to breed oriental horses that are taller than the desert Arabians, but otherwise retain all their characteristics, such as toughness, rideability, stamina and beauty. Within 47 years of his own breeding he consolidated a type of Arabian horse, that remained virtually untouched by fashions and fads until today. After his death, the stud was inherited to his son, then his nephew and the latter’s daughter, and later was donated by her to the state of Württemberg, where Marbach State Stud is its custodian until today.

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