Prikhot – Born to Win

Prikhot is the founder of a very sought after family in Russian race horse breeding. She comes from the Rodania damline (see our last issue) in combination with the stallion Sport. He did his name justice, but his conformation was not that of an ideal Arabian.

Prikhot - colour-600pxThe use of Sport to procreate mares for the stud have probably become a great responsibility for breeders at the Tersk Stud. Despite the fact that he was a repeated prize horse, champion and winner of many group races, his exterior was highly undesirable for the creation of “the universal Russian Arab horse.”
From 1967 to 1973, Sport sired a total of 18 heads of offspring, many of which are known far beyond Russia. First of all, it is a legend of the German warm-blood breeding selection – the event rider Neron of phenomenal jump efficiency, winner of the racing track, who later performed as part of the German national team and sired a galaxy of sport horses in various European cities.
Sport’s other son Prostor is also widely known. After the racing track, he enjoyed a special interest with the experts of Russian sports selection, leaving behind only Argon in the Arab line. Sport’s daughters include Salomeya (dam – Sakhara, 1967), who was used in Germany, and Trassa in the Netherlands (dam – Trel’, 1972). In addition, the following daughters of Sport were used in the domestic breeding: Kosmia (1967), Kasatka (1967), Nazra (1967), Tesemka (1972), and others.
The chestnut Prikhot’, born in the early morning in March 1967, was no different from many of her peers, but had sound constitution and stable foundation, inherited matrilineally, as well as the desire to win, acquired from her parents.
Her birth coincided with the ‘golden era’ for the fans of Arab racing sport, as Asuan was used at the Tersk Stud for third season, and there were not many mares offered to him. And the value of racing bloodlines of the desired type was still dominant. However, the inbreedingness of the stock required outbreeding, and as we would see, Prikhot’ became a multi-selection for a legend of the world breeding Asuan for several years in a row, who was, unfortunately, a regressor of the speed qualities. Later, following the numerous inbreedings on this unique horse (as history has shown), the breaders appeared none the wiser, losing both speed and exterior characteristics.

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Alexander Shemarykin