ECAHO Breeders Fund

Due to the declining number of entries at ECAHO Shows in Europe, ECAHO has come up with the “ECAHO Breeders Fund”, a promotion system to help small breeders to come back to the show ring on a national level. Money from the ECAHO Breeders Fund will be provided for the National Championships (only one show of that type is allowed per country per year) and distributed to the 1st to 3rd placed horses in each class. Each of these horses will get 200 €, the maximum donation per show will be 7.200 € per show (i.e. 12 classes à 600 €). The full amount will go to the horse, no levies for the organiser or ECAHO. The national organisation, i.e. the breeders society, must be the organiser of the show and send a request for this money to ECAHO. The first few shows, such as Wels and Prague, have already done so.
The money is provided by the 3% prize money levy, ECAHO is charging on shows that distribute 5000 € or more of prize money, as well as by individual sponsors from within the Arabian horse community and outside. Sponsorship packages range from 1.000 € to 50.000 €.
For further information please visit the ECAHO Website, or download the brochure here: ECAHO Breeders Fund (63 downloads)