Day of the purebred Arabian in Bavaria

Behind the inconspicuous title “Day of the purebred Arabian in Bavaria” hides a new initiative that celebrated its “debut” last year. Here, the Arabian horse is presented quite casually, and can show in the profession that suits him and his owner the most. Be it in circus training, under the dressage or western saddle, be it in-hand or at liberty. The way how to show his horse everyone can choose himself. And surprisingly beautiful performances were shown last year!
An article about the event last year can be downloaded for free: AP 2-18 Araber in Bayern (105 downloads)

The aim of the event is to introduce the Arabian horse to a “not yet Arabitis-infected public” as a versatile leisure time partner, while at the same time offering the “insider” a cozy get-together with like-minded people in a nice atmosphere.

But also such an event needs “participants” – people who enjoy showing their horse, and people who like to see the Arabian horse in all its diversity and beauty. Hence, please reserve the weekend of 21.-22. September in advance!
On top of all, on Saturday, 21st of September, there will be a Western riding course with the multiple European champion in Pleasure and Reining, Dr. Martin Pauli!
Schedule and further information can be found here!